Snappad Hiway 10 Bus - 4 Pack

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The HiWay 10 Bus package includes a mix of 10 inch and 11.5 inch round HWH leveling feet, common to some Tiffin Allegro Bus models. Roll out with the worlds only permanent jack pad and make your Tiffins leveling system truly automatic. **PLEASE NOTE - The only way to be 100% certain of SnapPad compatibility is to visually inspect your leveling system. 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

 PROP 65 WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, visit

RV SnapPad Fitlist
NewmarDutch Star20184018
NewmarDutch Star20194018
NewmarDutch Star20204020
NewmarDutch Star20204081
NewmarDutch Star20214081
TiffinAllegro Bus200542QDP
TiffinAllegro Bus200743QRP
TiffinAllegro Bus200842QRP
TiffinAllegro Bus201043QGP
TiffinAllegro Bus201143QBP
TiffinAllegro Bus201143QGP
TiffinAllegro Bus201243QRP
TiffinAllegro Bus201343QDP
TiffinAllegro Bus201343QGP
TiffinAllegro Bus201345LP
TiffinAllegro Bus201445LP
TiffinAllegro Bus201545LP
TiffinAllegro Bus201545UP
TiffinAllegro Bus201645OP
TiffinAllegro Bus201745OP
TiffinAllegro Bus201745OPP
TiffinAllegro Bus201845LP
TiffinAllegro Bus201845MP
TiffinAllegro Bus201845OPP
TiffinAllegro Bus201945MP
TiffinAllegro Bus201945OPP
TiffinAllegro Bus202045MP
TiffinAllegro Bus202045OPP
TiffinAllegro Bus202145OPP
TiffinAllegro Bus202245FP
TiffinAllegro Bus202245OPP
WinnebagoGrand Tour201542QL
WinnebagoGrand Tour201745RL

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