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Custom fit bracket kit for attaching to cars frame to allow towing by motorhome or another tow vehicle.

 PROP 65 WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, visit

Base Plates Fitlist
Blue OXCadillacEscalade (Includes Hybrid)2007
Blue OXCadillacEscalade (Includes Hybrid)2008
Blue OXCadillacEscalade (Includes Hybrid)2009
Blue OXCadillacEscalade (Includes Hybrid)2010
Blue OXCadillacEscalade (Includes Hybrid)2011
Blue OXCadillacEscalade (Includes Hybrid)2012
Blue OXCadillacEscalade (Includes Hybrid)2013
Blue OXCadillacEscalade (Includes Hybrid)2014
Blue OXChevroletAvalanche 15002007
Blue OXChevroletAvalanche 15002008
Blue OXChevroletAvalanche 15002009
Blue OXChevroletAvalanche 15002010
Blue OXChevroletAvalanche 15002011
Blue OXChevroletAvalanche 15002012
Blue OXChevroletAvalanche 15002013
Blue OXChevroletSuburban 15002007
Blue OXChevroletSuburban 15002008
Blue OXChevroletSuburban 15002009
Blue OXChevroletSuburban 15002010
Blue OXChevroletSuburban 15002011
Blue OXChevroletSuburban 15002012
Blue OXChevroletSuburban 15002013
Blue OXChevroletSuburban 15002014
Blue OXChevroletTahoe 1500 (Includes Hybrid)2007
Blue OXChevroletTahoe 1500 (Includes Hybrid)2008
Blue OXChevroletTahoe 1500 (Includes Hybrid)2009
Blue OXChevroletTahoe 1500 (Includes Hybrid)2010
Blue OXChevroletTahoe 1500 (Includes Hybrid)2011
Blue OXChevroletTahoe 1500 (Includes Hybrid)2012
Blue OXChevroletTahoe 1500 (Includes Hybrid)2013
Blue OXChevroletTahoe 1500 (Includes Hybrid)2014
Blue OXGMCYukon 1500 (Includes Denali)2007
Blue OXGMCYukon 1500 (Includes Denali)2008
Blue OXGMCYukon 1500 (Includes Denali)2009
Blue OXGMCYukon 1500 (Includes Denali)2010
Blue OXGMCYukon 1500 (Includes Denali)2011
Blue OXGMCYukon 1500 (Includes Denali)2012
Blue OXGMCYukon 1500 (Includes Denali)2013
Blue OXGMCYukon 1500 (Includes Denali)2014

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